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11.10.2006Just Another Mobile Day has reviewed Atomic Battle Dragons.
10.18.2006Atomic Battle Dragons has won the 2006 Best Arcade Game Award from Pocket PC Magazine.
10.10.2006Tropical Island Escape v1.1 has been released. This updated contains some very small changes dealing with music playback and widescreen monitor support.
10.9.2006Just Another Moible Day has reviewed Atomic Cannon Pocket.
10.5.2006Atomic Cannon for the Mac has been reviewed at receiving a great score.
8.21.2006Acky's XP Breakout has been reviewed by pocketplayers
8.2.2006All of our Pocket PC and Smartphone games have been nominated for Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards of 2006.
7.28.2006Our latest screensaver is climbing the download charts, if you haven't tried it out download the free demo and check it out
7.25.2006The new version of Atomic Cannon is EXPLODING into the Mac scene big time, another review has been posted by Inside Mac Games. This is a very in depth review of the game and discusses many aspects of the game. A very well done review can be seen at
7.14.2006Macworld's Game Room has reviewed Atomic Cannon, check it out at
6.23.2006A new review of Atomic Battle Dragons has been posted by Mozongoware, check it out at
6.6.2006The Mac version Acky's XP Breakout has been posted.
5.16.2006Picture Cube 3D has been updated to v2.0.
5.16.2006Many of our PAD files have been updated with the latest information on our products.
5.5.2006The Windows version of Atomic Cannon has been updated to v2.6 including many new features and fixes.
4.25.2006Atomic Cannon is on and people are loving it, keep the awesome feedback coming :)
4.21.2006Atomic Cannon is on the MAC! Where did that come from? Well I got a Mac Mini Intel Core Duo and its awesome! If you enjoy Atomic Cannon I'm bringing all my games to the Mac, so let me know!
3.30.2006People are having a blast with this game! Another review of Atomic Battle Dragons hot off the presses thanks to the fine folks at Game Plasma, check it out here,id,1416.html
3.29.2006GameTunnel just posted a review of Atomic Battle Dragons, check it out at
3.28.2006Our March newsletter was sent out today with some awesome info, join now if you aren't subscribed.
3.27.2006Aximsite just posted an awesome review of Atomic Battle Dragons giving it 5/5, what are you waiting for, order this game and start having some fun flying your own dragon! Check out the full review here if you don't believe me
3.27.2006Want to get some of the best games available for a great price? Well now its easier than ever, introducing MEGAPACKS! Get all three of our award winning games for Windows or Pocket PC for an insanely low price. Also pick up our screensavers at a package deal.
3.27.2006Atomic Cannon for the Smartphone is now posted for sale, blast away with all 85 weapons of mass destruction right on your phone.
3.22.2006One of our servers was upgraded today with triple memory, so now the stats page for Acky's should work much better.
3.10.2006Ok we are trying something totally new, our latest screensaver Tropical Island Escape is now for the Pocket PC, now you can relax in style on your own island anywhere with this mobile vacation!
3.3.2006The first beta for Atomic Cannon Smartphone was released today.
3.2.2006Atomic Cannon BETA for the Smartphone has been released.
3.1.2006Tropical Island Escape for Windows is now out of beta and released!
2.20.2006Our latest screensaver is now in beta and available for both download and purchase. It is a VERY relaxing tropical island, watch the soothing ocean and beautiful sunsets, and the dolphins play.
2.20.2006The latest updates to Atomic Cannon and Acky's XP Breakout have been uploaded to PocketGear and Handango.
2.20.2006All of our Pocket PC games are now listed on and can be purchased there.
2.17.2006Fixed a few webpage issues which were causing images not to show up in firefox browser.
2.15.2006Both Atomic Cannon Pocket and Acky's XP Breakout have been updated to v2.5 with full support for VGA WM5 devices and square screen devices.
2.7.2006When you order you can now select to have your whole order backed up on CD and sent to. A CD will be delivered straight to your door containing all of the full version games and screensavers you ordered. You will also still be able to download and use your software immediately as normal. Also included on the CD is all of our games and screensaver demos.
1.26.2006Both the Atomic Cannon and Atomic Battle Dragons soundtracks are available for sale! 50% of the proceeds goes directly to the music artist!
1.20.2006Atomic Battle Dragons is previewed at Just RPG -
1.15.2006Acky's XP Breakout is reviewed on the Pocket PC at Mobile Tech Review -
1.12.2006Atomic Cannon Pocket beta v2.5 is released.
1.7.2006GameTunnel posts a preview of the PC version of Atomic Battle Dragons.
12.20.2005Daily Gadget reviews Atomic Battle Dragons giving it a 9/10, see the full review here
12.14.2005The Atomic Battle Dragons Windows PC Beta is released. You can order the full version as well. post a review of Atomic Battle Dragons giving it a 9/10, check out the full review here posts a review of Atomic Battle Dragons in German, see the full review here
12.3.2005Atomic Battle Dragons is reviewed by Allen Gall - Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazines Games Editor and he gives it a score of 3.7/4.0, check out the full review here
12.2.2005Posted Holiday Giveaway announcement, subscribe to our newsletter or order any product to have a chance to win one of 20 free copies of games and screensavers.
11.15.2005Atomic Battle Dragons posted for sale.
10.27.2005Atomic Battle Dragons beta 3 released.
10.13.2005Atomic Battle Dragons beta 2 released.
9.27.2005Atomic Battle Dragons beta announed in our newsletter and on all major PDA sites.
9.26.2005Atomic Cannon Pocket and Acky's XP Breakout are both finalists in their categories for Pocket PC Magazines Best Game of 2005! View the complete list
9.26.2005The Atomic Battle Dragons Pocket PC beta has been released!
8.31.2005Atomic Battle Dragons is announced on all the major Pocket PC news sites.
8.30.2005Our latest game Atomic Battle Dragons is announced in our newsletter.
7.27.2005Both Atomic Cannon Pocket and Acky's XP Breakout have been nominated by Pocket PC Magazine as the Best Game of 2005! View the complete list of nominess here
7.24.2005PDAGround has posted an interview in which I participated on the subject of Pocket PC games, Java, and 3d accelleration on PDAs.
4.10.2005Atomic Cannon is the #1 Strategy Game download on posts a review of Atomic Cannon Pocket giving it 5/5, check the full review out review here
3.20.2005Updated order page so now it displays which platform you are ordering products for by the buy button.
3.17.2005Games has posted a review of Atomic Cannon Pocket, check it out here
3.16.2005Atomic Cannon Pocket appears in PocketGears weekly newsletter
3.12.2005A German PDA site reviews Atomic Cannon, see the full review here
3.8.2005Atomic Cannon v2.0 press releases sent out to all PDA sites and its officially announced.
3.1.2005Atomic Cannon v2.0 final has been released on our main site.
3.1.2005Pocket PC Magazine has released their Best of Everything CD featuring Atomic Cannon Pocket and Acky's XP Breakout.
2.17.2005Atomic Cannon v2.0 beta released, this will most likely be the last beta as most bugs are fixed thanks to all your help :)
2.9.2005Atomic Cannon v1.94 beta released.
1.31.2005Atomic Cannon v1.93 beta has been released, this version adds weapon buying, 20 new weapons with new weapon types, better graphics, and better AI.
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