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3D Screensavers

Relax and enjoy these awesome 3D screensavers.

These screensavers used to cost over $100 in total but now they are all FREE! If you enjoy them please consider buying one of our games.
Matrix RSS Reader - NEW

Read your favorite websites like never before!  Set the RSS feed URL then sit back and enjoy Matrix style news feeds fall and flow before your eyes!  Article appear and then melt away.  You can hover your mouse over headlines inside the screensaver to read more information.

Tropical Island Escape
It's time for you to take that vacation you deserve and escape from it all.  Relax in style on your own tropical island and listen to the gentle ocean waves lapping on the beach.  Are you tired of cold weather and dreary rain?  This is your ticket to paradise on your computer, a beautiful animated tropical island is displayed for you to enjoy.  The screensaver features three different scenes including a gorgeous sunset.  Watch the dolphins jump and play or listen to tropical animals such as herons, monkeys, and parrots.  A bright Caribbean music track is even included for you to enjoy.  The screensaver is fully customizable allowing you to disable any scene, change how long scenes are shown, display the date and time, include your own custom message, and many other settings.  This screensaver uses a special blending function to create stunning scenes you really have to see for yourself to believe.  Download this screensaver now and try it out for free, you have nothing to lose and I guarantee you will love it.

User Quotes:
"I love this wallpaper. Very Cool." - jeremy
"The tropical island screen saver is the best I've ever seen" - Reed
"beauty is in the eye of the beholder... i can look into my screen and be a part of it" - Latoya
"Freaking Sweet!" - evan
"It really feels like your on a tropical vacation" - Narissa


Check out our real time strategy game.
Real time strategy game.

Liquid Desktop

Awesome 3D liquid melting takes over a screen shot of your desktop.  This screen saver liquefies your desktop by running waves through it while simultaneously tweaking the color intensity of each ripple, resulting in a mesmerizing and soothing feeling.  Use the chrome effects to render a metallic mirror surface.  Read the great review at Free Download Center.

User Quotes:
"Fantastic screensaver. Keep up the good work!" - Sara
"Fantastic screensaver. Keep up the good work!" - Sara
"The water ripples are so amazing to the point where your mesmirized by them!" - Glenn
"Wow!" - bette
"Liquid desktop is amazing... First screensaver you can keep staring at for hours." - Lukasz

Real 3D Matrix
Create and enter your own matrix!  This screensaver emulates the falling green code as seen in the hit movies "The Matrix", "The Matrix Reloaded", and "The Matrix Revolutions".  What sets this screensaver apart from all the other matrix screensavers out there is this is the first one to use real 3D objects for the falling glyphs, creating a more 3D feel and environment than ever before!

There are a ton of configuration options to tweak the screensaver to your desire, including setting the colors for glyphs, highlights, the background, and noise.  You can also change the message that appears as soon as the screensaver is started and  the character sets to two styles of matrix fonts, or binary, alphanumeric, numeric, symbols, and more.  You can also enhance the 3D glyph settings by adding a mirror reflection to them.  You can enable/disable sparks, noise, background lines, hallucinogenic effects, and glyph rotation.  Lastly you can change the matrix density, speed, and zoom.  There are also slew of more general screensaver features to tweak, including setting your own custom music to play along with the screensaver, and showing the date and time.

User Quotes:
"Excellent screensaver" - Deardriu
"If it aint' ISOTOPE you better say NOPE!" - william
"Amazeing way better then the hallway screensaver. Customizeable music Bad ass." - kory
"Isotope244 - get irradiated by great software, it will stick to you a looong time" - Matthias
"The Real 3D Matrix screensaver is the one of the slickest 3D screensavers I've seen in a great while. There are a number of Matrix-code screensavers, but this one creates the effect in a far superior manner to others." - Ryan


Check out our scorched earth artillery game.
Scorched earth artillery combat game.

Picture Cube 3D

Show off your favorite photographs on a spinning 3D picture cube.  You can even add music to play along while showing your photos.  Use your digital camera images to create a custom photo album.  There are many user options available including a spinning, zooming, or bouncing cube.  An installer and uninstaller is included.

User Quotes:
"None" - Joel
"great screen saver" - Brendan
"I'll never say I'm number one but I'll never admit to being number two" - james
"3 Cube Screensavers is a simple & visualized software to hit your desktop " - Regis
"neat clean program" - Edward

Snowflake 3D
Grab the best snowflake screen saver on the web.  Both large and small snowflakes are drawn in 3D which create a beautiful snow image you will have to see to believe.  Options include changing the background color, the number of snowflakes active, the speed at which they fall, and much more.  Resolution switching, passwords, and mouse filtering are fully supported.

User Quotes:
"Real Nice, I can put my familiar photo and it is snowing...Simply great." - Eustacio
"snow snow snow its all i want to see" - Melissa
"Awesome screensavers!" - Winton
"awesome graphics" - david


Check out our breakout game.
Super breakout arkanoid game.

Desktop Destroyer

Blow Up Your Desktop in 3D!   This 3D screen saver takes a snapshot of your desktop and projects it into a 3D world, where it is dissected into an arbitrary number of explosions.  You can customize the number of explosions and the size of the pieces.  An installer and uninstaller is included.

User Quotes:
"Awesome and cool!" - Tanvir
"well done" - THIBAUT
"cool screensaver,really blows your mind!" - Wilfrid

Simple Life
Be entranced by hypnotic animations of increasing complexity in this screensaver which simulates the game of life.  Many options are customizable including the game of life nodes size, speed, color, and style.  You can also specify your own music to play along with the screensaver.  Basic features such as resolution changing, displaying the date and time, using low computer resources, a special blending mode on open, passwords, mouse filters, and changing the background color are all supported.

User Quotes:
"One of the most mentally stimulating screen-savers out there." - Geoffrey
"Was actually looking for something else, but the Simple Life screensaver caught my immediate attention!" - Minh
"Imaginative, beautiful screensavers. A pleasure to deal with I244 for re-downloading and for tech support." - Don
"Gorgeous screensaver, makes all my friends jealous!" - Andrew



This 3D screen saver is a view of an arbitrary number of moving lines in space.  Chaser lines chase red slider lines in a star field.  Options include setting the number of sliders and chasers, as well as various viewing modes, and the star field density.  It is very cool to watch for extended periods of time.

This screen saver renders a snowy television signal on your display.  Features include setting the static color and density.  An installer and uninstaller is included.


System Requirements: Windows, OpenGL

Check out our scorched earth artillery game. For Windows and Mac.
Scorched earth artiller combat.

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