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Atomic Battle Dragons

Mount your dragon and take to the skies and joust mythical enemies!


Save the kingdom on your atomic dragon.

Adventure on foot in enchanted lands.

Control powerful weapons.

Gain levels with a RPG system.

Build your character with four skills.

Fly to battle and face enemies.

Meet and chat with an elven friend.

Collect unique items and upgraded weapons.

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Professional Reviews

5 star rating  Aximsite
5 star rating  Pocket Gamer
5 star rating  J.A.M.M.
4 star rating  Game Plasma
5 star rating  Pocket PC Magazine
5 star rating  Game Tunnel
5 star rating  Game Tunnel Preview
4 star rating  Mozongoware
5 star rating  Just RPG
5 star rating  Daily Gadget
5 star rating (German)

"Joust Like You’ve Never Jousted Before!"
- Game Plasma Review

WINNER of the Pocket PC Magazine Best Classic Arcade Game Award

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Mount your dragon and take to the skies in this action and adventure game and joust mythical enemies.  The game is very easy to learn and convienent to play with the automatic save system.  You play as a dragon knight and uncover a story rooted in medieval mythology.  The lands are under siege from Belzom's evil dragon army and you must joust them to save the kingdom.

In this exciting platformer game you travel through four very unique zones containing over 40 levels.  Scattered throughout these zones you will encounter unique types of enemies to slay, including four huge zone bosses.  The game features several different types of game play, such as flying a dragon, shooting a ballista, fighting enemies in the air and on the ground, jousting opponents, adventuring on foot, and collecting magical items and gems.

You will meet several allies to help you on your adventure, such as an elf that is also under attack by Belzom's army.  Her name is Briannah and she uses her elven powers to summon items to aid in your journey.  All of the magical items have unique properties such as allowing you to walk on fire, and enchanting your lance for greater striking power.

If you are looking for a new and awesome game play experience then download and try the demo today for free.  The game supports several input methods, and has many user settings, so you can customize the game to play and look the way you want.


Review Quotes

"The graphics in Atomic Battle Dragons are excellent.  The full screen cut scenes that appear from time to time are gorgeous..." - Pocket Gamer

"Isotope 244 has done a fantastic job graphically in the past with their games, but that won't prepare you for the visual masterpiece that they are creating in this new game." - Game Tunnel

"This is a well-done, top-shelf entry in the action games category."  - Pocket PC Magazine

"If I were going to grade a game on just the graphics, then Battle Dragons would get a perfect score. In the same vein as the visuals, the sound effects and music in the game are simply outstanding." - Daily Gadget

"You’ll encounter a wide variety of enemies on your journey, from dragon riders to giant insects, each presenting a different challenge." - Just RPG

"Atomic Battle Dragons successfully combines different genres into an innovative (if not entirely original) end product." - Pocket PC Magazine

"Graphics and sound are top notch, as is to be expected from a Isotope244 Graphics game."  - Mozongoware


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  • Hours of action and adventure
  • Learn to play in minutes
  • Four zones with over 40 levels
  • A quick and easy  save system
  • Four huge zone bosses to conquer
  • Arcade mode with over 100 levels
  • Includes an epic fully illustrated story
  • Many unique enemies to slay
  • Easily customize your character
  • Four difficulty settings
  • Unique magical items to use
  • Full original musical score
  • Loads of user settings to tweak
  • Beautifully rendered graphics and effects
  • Find new lances to smite your enemies
  • Powerful moddable game engine
  • Support for add on levels
  • Stunning sound effects
  • Interesting gameplay dynamics
  • Detailed 3d rendered animations


Follow Cain's story as he travels to defeat Belzom.  Finish the story mode of the game and you will unlock all of the dragons and can fly any of them, you can replay at any level with any dragon using your current character.


Exciting Game Play

  • Fly and joust on a dragon
  • Shoot and command a ballista
  • Fight enemies in the air and on the ground
  • Superior jousting action and battles
  • Adventure on foot jumping and climbing
  • Collect magical items and gems
  • Ally and help with rogue bands of raiders
  • Slay huge zone bosses
  • Upgrade your character's skills RPG style


Free Windows Demo Order it now and have it in seconds Buy Now
and download instantly!


Windows System Requirements

  • Any Windows version (XP, 98, ME, 2000, 95, or NT)
  • 25 MB hard drive space
  • 64 MB free memory

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Super breakout arkanoid game. 

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